Remember how I said Chapter 4 of Into Shadows We Fall was gonna kill me?

It did.

The most upsetting part for me is the fact that he’s gonna have to tell Pitch what happened.  While I don’t think this experience broke Jack (though it certainly cracked him), what’s gonna break him is ironically getting Pitch back.  Because all of his defenses will crumble because he won’t need them anymore, and when Pitch goes to comfort him, he’s just gonna be reminded of Augus, and THAT is what kills me.

Jack may not have broken this chapter, but I certainly did.  I CAN’T HANDLE THESE FEELS.

  1. not-poignant said: Yeeeeaaaah, it’s gonna be… a difficult journey. But these guys, they’re strong, and determined, and Pitch is really pushy - Jack’s gonna be in good hands.
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