So I want to write a Harry Potter/Digimon Frontier crossover…

…and I’m considering a boggart scene for Takuya (dunno when, but it’ll happen).

So my question to you all is:

What is Takuya’s biggest fear?

Personally, I’m torn between Lucemon almost taking over, his fear of Duskmon (which led to him running away home and becoming Flamon for a short time), and when he was almost killed by ShadowSeraphimon.

I’m leaning towards ShadowSeraphimon, mostly because that scene is one of my favorites out of the entire Digimon franchise, but I feel biased in that regard, which is why I’m asking for a second opinion.

I am open to other suggestions though.

So what do you think?

  1. digitalslytherin answered: duskmon
  2. cybercorpse answered: I’d choose his fear of Duskmon, but it’s your fic D:
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